The Royal Wedding 2011

Possibly the most important British cultural event of the past decade, and a once in a lifetime platform to showcase the very best in couture millinery.

Vivien Sheriff received global media coverage pre, during and post the Royal Wedding.

Pre-wedding PEOPLE magazine, with a readership of 46.6 Million, dedicated 2 pages of editorial to Vivien, the feature focused on the team creating a bespoke hat for a key Royal Wedding guest.

CNN also asked Vivien to come into their London studio to talk about her collections and what viewers should expect to see on the big day.

During the wedding itself, US news network NBC invited Vivien to Trafalgar Square to talk all things hats. The show was broadcast live to 23 million Americans.

And then finally post-wedding, the Sunday Times reported that Vivien Sheriff had dressed the most guests at the wedding.

This was the icing on the cake, after which was without doubt the busiest period within the brands history.